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YouTube Gold: Don’t You Worry About A Thing

Stevie Wonder near the peak of his genius

Anwar Hussein Collection
 LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 01: Soul superstar singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Stevie Wonder during a visit to London in 1974 in London, England.
Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

Almost everybody has a Stevie Wonder song they love but a lot of people don’t realize just how long he’s been performing: he started touring when he was 12 and, at that time, was on what was called the “Chltlin’ Circuit.”

He had his first Motown hit in 1963 with Fingertips when he was 13. John F. Kennedy was still president.

Wonder spent most of the ‘60’s as one of Motown’s biggest stars but he grew increasingly frustrated because Motown wanted him to continue to the classic formula that the company had, but Wonder had bigger ideas, and in the 1970’s, his brilliance dazzled everyone.

Among his biggest hits in what was called his Classic Period was Don’t You Worry About A Thing, just one more song where he mixed things up, going with a Latin inflection. It’s a song that for most artists would be a career high point. For Wonder, it’s just one more accomplishment in a trail of genius.