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Podcast #515: Duke Will Return to the Mecca

A big time showdown in December

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Jimmy V Classic - Duke v Iowa Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

The Duke Basketball Roundup is back with Episode 515! On this episode, the Duke Blue Devils appear to be set to take on the Baylor Bears on December 20th at Madison Square Garden. The crew discusses this matchup of two great teams and how it can help fill out Duke’s 2023-2024 schedule. A big time matchup at the Mecca of basketball the week before Christmas? You can’t get much better than that!

We also get into the transfer portal, first by focusing on three Duke players who decided not to enter it: Jaden Schutt, Jaylen Blakes, and Christian Reeves. We look at what each of them can work on in the offseason as well as who their trajectories could resemble from the course of recent Duke Men’s Basketball history.

After the break, Ernest Udeh has hit the transfer portal, and with a couple of current Duke players jumping into the replies of his announcement to start the courting process, we discuss what would be an intriguing addition for the Blue Devils. Duke as of yet has not shown any public interest, but we speculate anyway on how Udeh would fit into the Duke roster.

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