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YouTube Gold: Indiana Upsets Michael Jordan And UNC

What a great game by the Hoosiers.

Michael Jordan in College Basketball Action
Indiana’s Dan Dakich guarding future legend Michael Jordan

As we look back on Michael Jordan’s career, he’s seen as a guy you can’t keep from a title. And for the last several years of his NBA career, that was true. But for the first part of his NBA career, and for the last two years of his college career?

Not so much.

Take for instance his final game at UNC in 1984: UNC met Indiana in the Sweet Sixteen that year and Dan Dakich - yes, that Dan Dakich - helped to hold Jordan to 13 points and just 6-14 from the floor as IU won 72-68.

UNC also had Sam Perkins, Matt Doherty and a young Brad Daugherty as well, not to mention Kenny Smith. That’s a lot of talent.

But the NCAA tournament is a single elimination tournament and, well, you know the routine: a group that sticks together can take out a more talented team. This was not as big an upset as, say, Farleigh Dickinson over Purdue, but it was still magical.