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Former Duke Commit Mackenzie Mgbako Chooses Indiana

Best of luck to him in Bloomington

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2023 McDonald’s All American Game
 HOUSTON, TX - MARCH 28: Mackenzie Mgbako #24 of McDonald’s All American Boys East is seen before the McDonalds All American Basketball Games at Toyota Center on March 28, 2023 in Houston, Texas.
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

When Kyle Filipowski announced he was returning to Duke, it obviously changed things for Mackenzie Mgbako, who decommitted on the same day.

That set off a late recruiting war and by Thursday, he was down to two schools, Kansas and Indiana, and promised to announce on Friday.

And on Friday, Mgbako said it would be Indiana.

He’s a talented player and it’s too bad that he won’t be in Duke Blue. But Indiana is a great program too and we’re sure he’ll do very well there too.

And while we’re thinking about it, since today’s YouTube Gold is the classic 1984 Sweet Sixteen win over UNC, this is a good time to mention this, and it’s certainly not a knock on Mgbako.

But IU’s uniforms just don’t do it.Really they haven’t changed much since the 1970’s. On the one hand, we appreciate the iconic nature of the IU look. Duke has that to an extent, though the Blue Devils have experimented with different uniforms for years. UCLA has the same thing in many ways. Not many other schools do. Certainly not Kentucky or Kansas.

And you know - you just know - that Indiana fans are invested in that look, just as they are invested in the candy stripe warmups. Updating something iconic is a risky business at best.

Still, as objective outsiders, the jerseys are musty. Indiana should take a hint from UNC. The old jerseys were iconic but whatever else you might say about the Tar Heels, they did a great job when they hired Alexander Julian to update the iconic old look in the early ‘90’s.