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Podcast #512: Catching Up On Recruiting!

We’re back!

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Ohio State v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

We are back! It’s been a couple of weeks where due to work and travel we couldn’t get together, but now we have some things to talk about. Sam, Jason, and Donald are here to bring it to you on Episode 512!

Duke lands a top 10 recruit in the Class of 2024 in Isaiah Evans, and we begin by discussing what he brings to the table. There’s a reason people call him Baby Ingram. We then use that to enter a discussion about Cooper Flagg and the potential for him to reclassify into the Class of 2024 to join Evans and Darren Harris.

Next, the transfer portal seemed to be hot, with Duke considering several big men a couple weeks ago. Now, it seems the market has cooled off a bit, with Duke not landing anyone yet. We discuss whether that’s a good thing and if Duke feels confident about the players already on the roster.

After the break, we get into the 2023-24 schedule, and Duke appears to be foregoing some of the more traditional early season tournaments to set up a multi-team event of their own. Except, this one would feature LaSalle, Bucknell, and Southern Indiana. We discuss the fact that while these teams are not going to excite any Duke fans, it could be part of filling out a non-conference schedule that will have some very big opponents.

Finally, we take a few minutes to celebrate the life of Dick Groat, who passed away last Thursday at age 92. He was a legend in two sports, and is revered not just at Duke, but at Pitt as a broadcaster. We send our condolences to Dick’s family as the entire sports world mourns the loss of one of the America’s greatest athletes.

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