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Chris Duhon Update: Back In North Carolina

And back in a comfort zone too

Chris Duhon Portrait
Chris Duhon posing in K-ville

Chris Duhon has had a somewhat nomadic life since leaving Duke. The NBA is a peripatetic life for most players and like most, Duhon moved around, playing for Chicago, New York, Orlando and the Los Angeles Lakers in a nine-year career. After that, he was an assistant coach at Marshall, then at Illinois State and most recently at Bryant.

But his wife, Andrea, was still teaching at Marshall and they have five kids and he got tired of being away from home. So now he’s moved to the Charlotte area where he’ll be coaching Gaston Christian. Andrea has a new position at Davidson and everyone will be together.

Duhon sounds pleased: “I always loved coaching,” he told the Charlotte Observer. “And I had that opportunity at Bryant, but it was difficult. I have five kids and always being away from them was just tough, and the college coaching world is also tough because there’s no guarantees that you’ll be there for a while. I didn’t want to uproot my family anymore and in Charlotte, my wife can focus on what she wants to do and my mom lives here.”

He’ll inherit some talented players at Gaston Christian and his son will enroll there as well.