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Carousel News: Two Former Blue Devils In Play At Utah State?

Both would be interesting picks

Steve Wojciechowski
Steve Wojciechowski as a Duke Blue Devil

With Ryan Odom’s move to Virginia Commonwealth, the Utah State job is open again and there are some intriguing candidates, including two former Duke teammates.

This article lists Danny Sprinkle from Montana State, Odom’s Utah State assistant Nate Dixon, current UNLV assistant Barret Peery, Asheville’s Mike Morrell and Utah Tech’s Jon Judkin (if that name sounds familiar, it’s because his brother, Jeff, had a five-year NBA career).

So who are the Duke guys?

Right, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

First up is Chris Burgess. The acclaimed big man left after two seasons, transferring to Utah. He has always spoken well of his time at Duke though and got to learn from two brilliant minds in Mike Krzyzewski and Utah’s Rick Majerus. He’s put in his time as an assistant at Utah Valley, BYU and now Utah. As a Mormon in a heavily Mormon state, he’d be a good fit.

The other Duke guy mentioned is Steve Wojciechowski. The former Duke point guard and assistant and also Marquette head coach has been out of the game since getting fired by Marquette. However, he’s been living in Utah, where his wife is from, and despite being fired at Marquette, he recruited well and, other than his first and last season, won. He was fired the year after the Covid season.

There’s no guarantee either one will be hired of course but it’s something to keep an eye on.