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If You Aren’t Sure About Cooper Flagg, One Play Should Be Enough

This is the coolest block we’ve seen since Zion Williamson’s snatch/block vs Kentucky

High School Basketball: Montverde Academy Sunshine Classic-IMG Academy at Montverde Academy
 Dec 1, 2022; Montverde, Florida, USA; Montverde Academy forward Cooper Flagg (32) dunks the ball during the second quarter of the Sunshine Classic basketball tournament against IMG Academy at Mills Championship Court on the campus of Montverde Academy.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of talk about Duke target Cooper Flagg of course. The native of Maine who is playing at Montverde now has been a sensation for some time. Still just 16, Flagg has wowed people with his basketball IQ and his raw talent. He can shoot from deep, drive, pull up - he’s about as complete as a 16-year-old is likely to be. He reminds us in some ways of former Blue Devil Mike Dunleavy, although at the same age, Dunleavy was far less mature physically.

And there’s no doubt that Flagg is impressive on offense but that’s not what we find dazzling on this clip from Twitter.

We keep watching it over and over for one thing: The Block.

This is an unbelievably impressive play. First, Flagg anticipates brilliantly and ends up far higher than the shooter. Second, when he’s soaring over him, he realizes it and cups his hands over the shot...and just catches it.

Why is that so hard for people to understand? You actually get the ball back. Look how many times guys go sky high for a block, high enough to catch it...and instead just give it back to the other team.

It literally makes no sense. It’s like charging the hill in battle, taking it, and giving the enemy your gun.

It’s unbelievably impressive that a 16-year-old, from Maine no less, does something that most NBA players never quite pull off.