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YouTube Gold: Bobby Jones

The only bad thing anyone could ever say about him was that he went to UNC

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers, 3-15-77
 DENVER, CO – MARCH 15: Denver Nuggets forward Bobby Jones #24 grabs a rebound in front of Los Angeles Lakers forward Don Ford #35 during an NBA basketball game at McNichols Arena on March 15, 1977 in Denver, Colorado.
Photo by Mark Junge/Getty Images

When Julius Erving first got to the Philadelphia 76ers, that team was something else. Aside from Dr. J, the Sixers had George McGinnis, Doug Collins and Lloyd Free. Soon the team would have Darryl Dawkins too, a powerful center who was one of the first players to go directly from high school to the league.

The Sixers didn't live up to the talent level the team had thought and eventually made some moves. Eventually, they got Maurice Cheeks and Andrew Toney through the draft and traded for Moses Malone and Bobby Jones.

And as great a roster as that was, Jones was a very special member of that team.

A 6-9 forward who could run like a deer, Jones specialized in defense and could shut down just about anyone. He was also an excellent shotblocker.

A product of Dean Smith’s UNC, Jones was widely admired for his integrity and humility. Erving said this about him: “If I was going to ask a youngster to model after someone, I would pick Bobby Jones. He’s a player who’s totally selfless, who runs like a deer, jumps like a gazelle, plays with his head and heart each night, and then walks away from the court as if nothing happened.”

And Charles Barkley said this about Jones: ”If everyone in the world was like Bobby Jones, the world wouldn’t have any problems.”

So enjoy these video highlights of one of the best forwards and best people to ever play in the NBA.