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Former Blue Devil Brian Davis Makes A Huge Offer For The Washington Commanders

Didn’t see this coming.

Brian Davis - Duke
Brian Davis as a Blue Devil

Well we didn’t see this coming: although Dan Snyder reportedly has a deal to sell the Washington Commanders to Josh Harris for about $6 billion, former Blue Devil Brian Davis has made a substantially higher bid - $7 billion - and has also offered to indemnify Snyder for his many legal concerns.

We hadn't heard much about Davis for a while, but he’s offering to pay $1 billion up front and the rest within six days.

That’s obviously a much higher bid than Harris made and if the numbers check out, it would be hard to walk away from, not least of all since Davis would assume the risks of civil suit.

Davis has been apparently been running Urban Echo Energy LLC but we don’t know much about his finances obviously. But clearly he has access to major capital at the least and Snyder would have to listen. That’s a stunning offer so stay tuned.