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YouTube Gold: Scheyer On His First Year At Duke

Duke v Tennessee Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Duke coach Jon Scheyer sat down to Zoom with Adam Gold about his first year as Duke’s head coach.

He talked about some interesting stuff here, first of all about courting his wife, Marissa, and how he never gets anything he wants immediately, least of all Mrs. Scheyer. Patience is a virtue he’s had to work at apparently.

Gold also asked him about retaining his roster - Scheyer said it was because of honest discussions - and the portal.

Gold also asked about mistakes Scheyer might have made. He deferred on that one, saying that he “wasn’t done reflecting,” so it would be better to ask him later. That’s a pro-level deflection.

He also asked about the games at Virginia and Virginia Tech and what he thought of the outcome.

He was cautious, which is smart with any media interaction, and thoughtful.

Gold ended by suggesting that Scheyer take some time away to recharge, which is great advice for any coach.