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Portal Surprise: Celeste Taylor Hits The Road

A major and unfortunate development

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament - Second Round - North Carolina
Ahhhhh.....seeeya! Celeste Taylor hits the portal.
Photo by Peyton Williams/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

It’s tempting to say that it’s a shock that Celeste Taylor entered the portal Wednesday night but nothing is very shocking anymore. It’s just Duke’s turn to take the hit.

Why did she opt to leave what seems like -forgive us - a tailor-made situation for success? Who knows?

She had originally posted that she would be returning to Duke - “I wouldn’t want to spend my final years of college basketball anywhere else. I believe I am not quite done yet. I will be playing my final year of college basketball at Duke University ” - but something changed.

Was it an NIL opportunity? Maybe decreased playing time looked likely?

Whatever it is, she’s on her way to somewhere else for her final season. It arguably wasn’t handled very well but it’s her decision and her life and she’s entitled to live it however she wants. We wish her the best wherever she ends up.