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YouTube Gold: In Honor Of Althea Williams

Mrs. Williams was a very special woman.

Duke v Maryland X

Part of the magic of Duke Basketball is that parents of players sometimes become part of the Cameron Crazies.

We’ve seen lots of them come through: the Hills, the Boozers, the Scheyers, Doug Collins, the Roaches, the Carters and, in some ways best of all Jason Williams’ parents, and particularly his mom, Althea.

She was a blast. Mrs. Williams was full of life, passion and vitality. She was witty, funny and cool as hell. Jason was very lucky to have her as his mom.

Unfortunately he posted this on Twitter tSunday night: Rest In Power Momma..

We looked around and it turns out that Mrs. Williams has had serious health issues revolving around her kidneys.

In her honor we’d like to post a link to Jason’s greatest moments with Duke. In most of these clips, Althea was watching her son and we’re sure that she’s watching over him still.