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You Tube Gold: Davien Williamson Lives The Driveway Dream

What a moment for the kid from Winston.

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Duke
 Jan 31, 2023; Durham, North Carolina, USA; Wake Forest Demon Deacons guard Davien Williamson (4) looks to shoot as Duke Blue Devils guard Tyrese Proctor (5) defends during the first half at Cameron Indoor Stadium. 
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Normally we wouldn’t do back-to-back videos about a particular school but in this case it’s hard not to.

By coincidence on Wednesday, we linked to Randolph Childress’s iconic taunt after dropping UNC’s Jeff McInnis to the floor in the 1995 ACC Tournament which Wake Forest won.

That was an ACC Tournament sort of choice, something amazing and historic.

Thursday’s You Tube Gold isn’t quite that iconic, at least not yet, but it was really dramatic.

Syracuse and Wake Forest were tied 74-74 when little Joe Girard took an off-balance three point shot that missed.

Wake got the rebound and headed downcourt with nothing but 7s and 4s on the clock - just 7.4 left to play.

Davien Williamson got the ball from Andrew Carr and tossed it over to backcourt mate Tyree Appleby, who went across the court on the left/center then angled to the right near the top of the key.

Williamson had stayed in a lane to his right and a few steps behind him, seemed slightly out of range, or at least far enough to where he wasn’t the primary focus.

Carr set a skinny man’s pick for Girard and didn't really contact him other than his calf, and only slightly - but it was enough to affect Girard.

Appleby blew by him and basically froze freshman Judah Mintz. All 6-11 of Jesse Edwards was right behind him but Mintz hesitated and didn't move towards Williamson. And then Williamson came further into the picture and gets every kid’s dream scenario:

The clock is winding down! Williamson gets the ball with 2.7 left! Two Syracuse defenders rush at him as he shoots but too late! The ball drops through the net with 0.7 left! The crowd is going crazy! Williamson wins the game at the buzzer!

You know he did that growing up because you know at some point, you did that. But he got to do it for real, on a very big stage, and what’s more is he’ll be a trivia answer for the rest of time: who hit the buzzer beater that ended Jim Boeheim’s career?

Davien did.

And since he’s from nearby Winston-Salem, he’s bound to know some good restaurants. Too bad he couldn’t ask Boeheim out for dinner.