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You Tube Gold: The Exact Moment Randolph Childress Became A Legend

One of the single most vivid moments in ACC history

Randolph Childress
Randolph Childress as a Wake Forest Demon Deacon

In 1995, Wake Forest’s Randolph Childress had an ACC Tournament for the ages as Wake Forest took out Duke and then Virginia to get to the ACC Finals against UNC.

Childress was unconscious throughout, dominating the tournament as few players ever have. It didn’t hurt to have Tim Duncan on your side obviously, but even with that considerable advantage, it was much more about Childress than it was about Duncan.

Childress averaged 35.7 ppg and and seven assists in the tournament. It was one of those things where you saw him building something legendary from game to game and the buzz kept increasing.

The greatest moment though was when he crossed over UNC’s Jeff McInnis and left him on the ground while he hesitated for just a moment. Then he kind of waved at McInnis, possibly telling him to get up and guard him, before hitting the defining shot of his career.

Unquestionably one of the most memorable plays in ACC history.