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You Tube Gold: Some Buzzer Beaters To Get You Warmed Up For March

This is a fun trip down memory lane!

1990 NCAA East Regional Finals: Duke Blue Devils v Connecticut Huskies
1990 NCAA East Regional Finals:Bobby Hurley and Christian Laettner celebrate Laettner’s buzzer beater against UConn

The NCAA tournament is one of the glories of all sports. A single elimination event means the stakes are high for everyone and because it’s basketball, it’s fast - unless of course you’re Virginia.

But we digress.

We’ve all seen the great buzzer beaters over the years. US Reed hit one for Arkansas decades ago. Ali Farokhmanesh hit a classic for Northern Iowa. James Forrest had a great one for Georgia Tech. And of course Christian Laettner hit perhaps the most iconic buzzer beater of all time when he ripped THE BLEEDING HEART OUT OF KENTUCKY in 1992.

There are so many more though. Did you remember Paul Jesperson’s clutch shot to push Northern Iowa past Texas? How about Jordan Poole gunning down Houston? Remember RJ Hunter’s dad, Ron, falling off his stool?

One of our favorites was Kris Jenkins brilliant shot against UNC to win the 2016 national championship. That one really was just brutal - and also beautiful.

Buzzer beaters really get to the heart of the game and, really, the human condition. You see people elated and at the peak of joy while others are deep in despair.

They really are just about the purest thing in sports.