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YouTube Gold: Bobby Hurley’s Greatest Hits

Hurley was - and remains - one of the true greats of Duke Basketball.

Bobby Hurley
Bobby Hurley taking on Indiana as a Duke Blue Devil

Bobby Hurley won’t be coaching this weekend but he will be on the phone a lot with brother Danny as UConn prepares for the Final Four and probably with his dad. Maybe they’ll all have a conference call. Who knows?

We haven’t seen a Hurley in the Final Four since 1992, when Bobby helped lead Duke to a second consecutive title.

His Duke career was really something else. It took him a while to adjust to college basketball - as a freshman, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski put together a video of Hurley behaving petulantly to show him how he was coming across.

Hurley overcame his immature start and became one of the greatest point guards in NCAA history. He led Duke to back-to-back titles, as mentioned and set the NCAA assist record, which still stands.

He was a unique combination of skill and daring, as you’ll see in this collection of his finest highlights at Duke.

He was, and remains, the very definition of a point guard.