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YouTube Gold: Hurley vs. Hurley

In 1992, for the first and only time, Bobby and Danny Hurley faced off as college players.

Duke University vs Seton Hall University, 1992 NCAA East Regional Semifinals
College Basketball: NCAA Playoffs: Duke Bobby Hurley (11) in action vs Seton Hall Danny Hurley (15) at The Spectrum. Bobby and Danny are brothers. Philadelphia, PA 3/26/1992 
Set Number: X42666 TK1 R2 F19

Bobby and Danny Hurley, like a lot of brothers, fought a lot growing up. In their case, it may have been more intense than for most brothers since both are highly competitive. They played for their legendary father of course, Bob Hurley Sr.

But in their playing days, Bobby was always better. He had a legendary career at Duke, where he helped the Blue Devils win back-to-back championships and set an NCAA assist record that still stands.

Danny had a tougher time. It wasn’t easy being Bobby’s little brother, much less Bob’s son.

Before that, in his sophomore year, #4 Seton Hall faced off against #1 Duke in the East Regional semifinals.

It was difficult for both Hurleys and neither played particularly well. Duke won of course and advanced to play Kentucky in the legendary regional finals.

Being a Hurley isn’t easy and being Danny Hurley has been tougher than being Bob or Bobby.

In his junior season at Seton Hall, Danny had to step away from the game and later said that during that time he “hated basketball.”

Now of course he has his UConn Huskies in the Final Four. He and Bobby talk a lot during the season and we’re sure they are now as well.

It’d be great if Danny had a ring too when this tournament concludes.