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Jared McCain Offers A Hint Of Duke’s Future

This guy is going to help and possibly a lot.

SPRINGFIELD, MA - JANUARY 14: Jared McCain of Centennial (24) shoots the ball during the Hoophall Classic high school basketball game between Camden and Centennial on January 14, 2023 at Blake Arena in Springfield, MA
Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Duke had a good night at the Powerade Jamfest in Houston with Sean Stewart winning the Slam Dunk contest and Jared McCain taking home the three point title.

We queued this up to Stewart’s first attempt which is pretty cool.

For his part, McCain scored 27 in the three point contest which is a lot.

As we’ve said before, Scheyer is putting a premium on quality shooters. Though three point shooting wasn’t that great this year, Scheyer is putting together a group that could be truly explosive.

It’s a new era so we have to wait to see who exactly is going to be on the team next year, but there’s not much question that shooting will be upgraded. McCain is a deadeye. We didn’t see the best of Tyrese Proctor as a shooter this season but he’s going to be better. Assuming Jaden Schutt is back, he should be better too.

Duke was superb defensively this year and a bit erratic offensively. With a solid group of shooters, it’s going to be fun to see how Scheyer opens the offense up and McCain will be a big part of that.

And that will allow guys like Stewart to have some moments on SportsCenter.