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You Tube Gold - Louis Jordan Is Good For What Ails You

Listen to this guy for a while and you’ll feel much, much better. Way cheaper than therapy too.

Portrait of Louis Jordan at the Paramount Theater
Portrait of Louis Jordan at the Paramount Theater

There’s a local singer named Mike Cross who was a big draw in North Carolina in the 1980’s. He mastered a lot of different styles, but one of his most interesting songs was called Thanks Hank.

It was about a guy who was ready to jump off a bridge when he heard a Hank Williams song that, he said, “saved my life.”

Hank’s contemporary, Louis Jordan, had - like Williams, still has - a similar knack.

If you have a tough day, a breakup or a heartache of any kind, both men had such infectious, upbeat music that it’s impossible to listen for long and not get caught up in the good feelings (in fairness, Williams had his share of dark music, including Ramblin’ Man among many others).

So it goes with his song “Jack, You’re Dead.” As Wikipedia says, “[t]he song describes a man’s physical state if he fails to respond to romance.”

Music is many things but at times it’s simply therapy and after a tough game Saturday, it’s good to get back on track. Everyone has their own list, but this guy is great for putting you in a better mood.