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DBR Podcast #500: Kenny Dennard Returns!

We celebrate the 500th episode with the return of the Dog!

NCAA Basketball: USA TODAY Sports-Archive Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached the 500th episode of the DBR Podcast, and we’re so happy to welcome back Kenny Dennard to the show! The Dog is a beloved friend of the podcast and has featured on episodes 100, 200, 300, and 400, so it makes sense to bring him back on for this one.

We have a nice discussion with Kenny about this year’s Duke Blue Devils team, which is a 5 seed in the East Regional and one of the popular picks to get to at least the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament. We talk about what has worked well for the Blue Devils lately and the Dog gives us his bracket picks. We also get to reflect on this year’s team and the job Jon Scheyer has done in his first season as head coach. Kenny also gives some insight on what it’s like for a team that has big expectations to try and fight it out in the NIT after a season that didn’t go to plan.

We love having Kenny Dennard on, and we thank all of you for being a part of 500 full episodes of the DBR Podcast. We will be back in your feeds real soon with more content this week, so stay tuned!