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YouTube Gold: Duke-St. John’s, 1999

That was a very intense game

Ron Artest #15...
Duke’s Shane Battier, left, squares off with another elite defender, St. John’s Ron Artest, right.

In the 1998-99 season, Duke was basically overwhelming. The Blue Devils started Elton Brand, Chris Carrawell, Shane Battier, Trajan Langdon and Will Avery.

When Duke visited St. John’s on January 25th, 1999, the Johnnies were a Top Ten team, ranked #8, but certainly not generally seen as in Duke’s class.

Turned out they were, at least on that occasion.

Duke came in with just one loss, to Cincinnati on a brilliant last-second play by the Bearcats.

St. John’s had Ron Artest, later to become World Metta Peace and now to Metta Sandiford-Artest, and Bootsie Collins, a name that Duke fans will remember.

But Duke racked up 23 turnovers and Brand and Avery both fouled out and the game went into overtime.

Bootsy Collins was spectacular with 40 points, but Carrawell, who was one of the most versatile players Duke has ever had, was clutch at the line and helped Duke get a closer-than-expected win.