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YouTube Gold: A Much Better Austin Rivers Highlight

This is still so much fun to watch.

Duke v North Carolina
Austin Rivers probably still haunts Tyler Zeller’s dreams after his epic buzzer beater at UNC in 2012

Yesterday, we picked the bizarre fight between Austin Rivers and Mo Bamba, who came off the bench to throw down with the former Blue Devil, as our YouTube Gold.

Our original plan was to highlight the classic Austin Rivers game winner against UNC in 2012.

This is and will always remain a great trophy in the Duke-UNC rivalry.

Duke had mounted a terrific comeback and when Rivers got the ball after a missed UNC free throw with time down to just 11.4 and Duke down 84-82, he didn't shrink from the moment.

Far from it.

After he crossed halfcourt on the left side, Miles Plumlee set a pick and Tyler Zeller picked him up with five seconds on the clock.

Rivers stalked him with his dribble, rocking the clumsier Zeller off balance, and letting a three pointer go with time about to expire. As it falls through the net, Mason Plumlee pumps his fist and the team piles on to Rivers. It will always remain one of the supreme moments of Duke Basketball.