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Ends Saturday - A Chance To Help A Good Cause - And Possibly Win A Scheyer-Signed Basketball.

All in all, pretty cool

You could win this Jon Scheyer-signed basketball!

Update - The auction for the Coach Scheyer-signed ball is coming to a close. Bid before the Duke-Carolina game is over to ensure participation. There is only one successor to Coach K. You can have a piece of Duke Basketball history.”

Bethany has raised $350 with the current winning bid. Jump in there so we can help more kids get clean water!

Our pal Bethany has done great work to help good causes, notably World Vision. World Vision’s focus is on helping solve water issues for people who lack access.

Bethany has raised a stunning amount of money and all for a good cause. She’s about $1,000 bucks from raising $100,000. That’s really impressive.

She’s about to make another run and it’s a worthy cause. We hope you’ll consider supporting her - and there’s a pretty cool prize too. We’ll let her tell you about it.

The prize: Jon Scheyer now has more wins than any first year head coach in Duke history. Bid on this piece of history, a signed Duke-branded Nike basketball. Coach Scheyer signed the basketball specifically for this fundraiser.

The cause:

Every day, more than 800 children under 5 die from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and unsafe hygiene practices. 1 of every 10 people on the planet have no access to clean water. If that were applied to Cameron Indoor Stadium, that would mean 931 fans need to drink dirty water, and probably that someone in their family (likely female) had to walk 3 to 4 miles today to bring it back.

Would we stand for that?

That also extrapolates to 771 million people worldwide who lack basic drinking water access. Access to clean water is foundational to addressing the many factors that perpetuate poverty, including poor nutrition, ill health, lack of education, and being unable to generate income.

This is one reason why World Vision at its inception decided to focus on water. Because without solving water a community cannot truly develop. World Vision is strategic in its initiatives and works in tandem with local governments and other NGOs.

We are ahead of pace to meet lofty goals like bringing life-giving water to 50 million people by 2030. One person receives clean water every 10 seconds, and it only costs $50 to do so through World Vision’s infrastructure.

World Vision is the largest NGO providing clean water to the developing world, and is dedicated to working with children, their families and their communities to reduce poverty and injustice and iss dedicated to working with the world´s most vulnerable people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

The goal: Lopez Lomong, a former Lost Boy turned double Track & Field Olympian (Beijing, Rio) who wanted to give back to his home country, is the reason Team World Vision began running Hood to Coast in Oregon 10 years ago. We therefore direct our funds to South Sudan for general clean water and sanitation country wide as well as a TBD unique water project.

Our Hood to Coast Team goal is $2 million (clean water for 40,000 kids), and my personal goal is $30,000 (clean water for 600 kids). A meta goal hovers over me in that I have almost reached a special level called Pamoja (meaning ‘go farther together’), which will occur when I reach $100,000 lifetime Team World Vision fundraising. As of Sunday, I need $1,021.31 to reach it.