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YouTube Gold: Send It In, Jerome!

One of college basketball’s most iconic dunks came courtesy of the Pitt legend Lane

University of Pittsburgh vs Georgetown University
 College Basketball: Pittsburgh Jerome Lane (34) in action, dunking vs Georgetown at Fitzgerald Field House. Pittsburgh, PA 1/10/1987
Set Number: X34238 TK1 R9 F35

Imagine you grew up in Akron. You became a very good college player and had six years in the NBA. You were one of the most celebrated players at your alma mater. And you were very good, good enough to be a first-round draft pick.

Even so, even after all of that, you are remembered for one particular play.

And if you’re Jerome Lane, it’s a phenomenal dunk.

In 1988, Pitt was a very talented but occasionally frustrating team. The Panthers were coached by Paul Evans, who discovered David Robinson while at Navy.

Pitt featured Lane, Charles Smith, Demetrius Gore and a freshman guard named Sean Miller.

The game in question was against Providence in the old Big East. Pitt knocked the ball loose on the inbounds and Miller picked it up. He got the ball to Lane on his right and Lane just took off and ripped the basket right out of the board, leading Bill Raftery to famously exclaim: “Send it in Jerome!’

Still one of the most memorable plays (and calls) in NCAA history.

Trivia: Lane went to the same high school as LeBron James, Akron’s St. Vincent – St. Mary.