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YouTube Gold: Duke vs. Georgetown In The 1989 Elite Eight

This was a really special game

Georgetown University vs Duke University, 1989 NCAA East Regional Finals
College Basketball: NCAA Playoffs: Duke Christian Laettner (32) in action vs Georgetown Alonzo Mourning (33) at Meadowlands Arena. East Rutherford, NJ, 3/26/1989
Set Number: X38027

There are a lot of Duke games over the years that don’t need much explanation: UNLV. The Miracle Minute. The Austin Rivers game. The Tre Jones game. The Laettner Shot.

That's all you need for those games. Thing is, there are a lot of games in the Duke canon and sometimes we need a bit of a reminder.

Take the Duke-Georgetown Elite Eight game in 1989. Georgetown’s Alonzo Mourning was a dominant big man and he had dominated most opponents. The Georgetown mystique was still very much present.

This was the game when many people got an idea that Christian Laettner was no joke. The big freshman shot 9-10 against Mourning and had nine rebounds as well.

But it wasn’t just him. Watch as Duke begins to figure out how to attack Mourning and do so, culminating with one of the great plays in Duke history: Phil Henderson dunking in Mourning’s face.

Arguably, it was the second time that a Duke player destroyed another player’s myth: Billy King completely altered Mark Macon’s career arc in 1988. He was never the same, and Mourning was never feared in the same way after Henderson’s startling dunk. That’s at 9:32 in the second half. If you’ve never seen it, it’s just amazing.