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Stanley Borden Pitches In To Help Post-Earthquake Turkey

This is a nice story about a very interesting young player and how he’s helping earthquake victims.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Final Four - Previews
 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - MARCH 31: Stanley Borden #52 of the Duke Blue Devils poses during Media Day for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Final Four at Caesars Superdome on March 31, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Photo by Jack Dempsey/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Stanley Borden is an unusual player and would be at any school. How often do you have a 7-0 player tell you he wants to walk on? And how often does a guy like that play for anything like the Portuguese U20 National Team? We understand he also speaks five languages and assume that among them are English, Portuguese and Turkish, since his family lives in Istanbul,

He’s a rare bird.

Although he hasn’t played a lot yet, he may emerge later as a solid big man.

He’s already emerged as one of Duke’s most interesting players and, as far as Turks feel, probably the team’s MVP.


Because Borden organized an Earthquake Fundraising Run that has raised $7,800 for emergency relief.

He says he has family in Istanbul and that they’re safe, but he felt the need to do something to help.