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YouTube Gold: NBA Greats On Kevin McHale

Larry Bird is Larry Legend but he wouldn’t have been as effective without McHale.

Detroit Pistons Vs Boston Celtics At Boston Garden
 BOSTON, MA - MARCH 27: Boston Celtics players Larry Bird, left, and Kevin McHale high five during a game against the Detroit Pistons at Boston Garden on March 27, 1992.
Photo by Pam Berry/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Kevin McHale played for the Boston Celtics from 1980-1993 and remains a singular figure in both Celtics and NBA history.

A native of Minnesota who stayed home to play for the Golden Gophers, McHale came to Boston as the result of one of the greatest trades in NBA history: Red Auerbach conned Golden State into trading Robert Parish and the draft pick that would turn into McHale for Joe Barry Carroll and Rickey Brown.

He would have been great anywhere, but when he played with Bird, an absolute legend, and Parish, who was one of the best centers of his generation, McHale got tons of opportunities. And he knew what to do with them, too.

McHale had perhaps the most fully developed low post game in the history of the sport. When you watch this video with other NBA legends talking about how good McHale was (especially Charles Barkley), watch his footwork. It’s still brilliant.