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YouTube Gold: Robin Williams Meets Koko

As they utterly charm each other

The late Robin Williams
The late Robin Williams

We’re sure everyone is still wound up about how the officials just blew the end of the Duke-Virginia game Saturday, so we thought today’s YouTube Gold should be something that makes people feel good.

The late Robin Williams was a brilliant comedian. Norm McDonald called him the Funniest Man in The World and he had an argument. Williams could riff off of anything and bring it back home like no one else. In his movie Good Morning, Vietnam! Williams improvised all the broadcast scenes. He had a mind like no one else’s. No one knew what was coming next.

Like a lot of comedians though, his life had its share of sorrow and loneliness and he used comedy as a way to connect.

Generally speaking, he connected with humans, but not always. On this occasion, he connected with Koko the Gorilla.

Famously, Koko learned to communicate through sign language and had seen a movie with Williams that she liked. So a visit was arranged.

Watching Williams and Koko hug each other, tickle each other and make one another laugh is good medicine. Normally we saw him in control of the situation but in this encounter, he was clearly completely charmed by Koko. You will rarely see a more joyful experience than Williams has with her. It’s a beautiful antidote to a crappy Saturday.