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Virginia Gets Duke In OT After A (Very) Questionable Call At The End Of Regulation

We have yet to see a neutral party who thinks that was adjudicated correctly.

Duke v Virginia
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - FEBRUARY 11: Tyrese Proctor #5 of the Duke Blue Devils celebrates a dunk in the first half during a game against the Virginia Cavaliers at John Paul Jones Arena on February 11, 2023 in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Apparently Duke does not get all the calls: with time running down in regulation and the score tied, Kyle Filipowski got the inbounds from Tyrese Proctor and headed to the basket where he got mugged. The officials - Lee Cassell, Jeffrey Anderson and Tim Clougherty - reviewed it and rather than putting him on the line with 0.0 left in regulation, they ruled it came after time expired. A homer like Jerry Radcliffe is arguing that it was the right call, but seriously? This wasn’t a foul? Virtually no one has agreed with this decision.

And by no one we mean Dick Vitale, Mike DeCourcy and Seth Davis, among others.

It’s a shame because Duke nearly knocked off the #8 team in the country on the road after the Nightmare in Coral Gables and despite getting poor games from Dereck Lively and Kyle Filipowski, who was shut out for the first time in his career. Virginia won instead, 69-62.

Duke didn’t help itself any with 22 turnovers and of course Virginia put a blanket over Filipowski. Jeremy Roach and Tyrese Proctor played well, turnovers aside (Roach had five and Proctor had three).

They really made a huge difference on offense for Duke. Roach shot 7-11 for 16 while Proctor shot 6-12 for 14 and made several key plays down the stretch.

Dariq Whitehead returned and scored 10 points and grabbed four boards. He looked really good considering he has missed four games.

Ryan Young had six points and 11 board, including four offensive.

For fans, there is frustration over the end of regulation. Our standard has always been we won’t complain about officiating unless it directly affects the outcome of a game. Well, this surely qualifies. We hope Jon Scheyer is on the horn to the ACC to demand an apology. We know it’s a tough job and one that very few people can do well. Even so, that was an unbelievably bad call.

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Player Of The Game vs. Virginia

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    Dereck Lively
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    Tyrese Proctor
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    Jeremy Roach
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    Dariq Whitehead
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    Ryan Young
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