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ACC Roundup - Challenge Edition, Day II

This challenge has potential.

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Texas A&M v Virginia
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA - NOVEMBER 29: Ryan Dunn #13 of the Virginia Cavaliers blocks a shot by Henry Coleman III #15 of the Texas A&M Aggies in the first half during a game at John Paul Jones Arena on November 29, 2023 in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

The first ACC/SEC Challenged ended in a 7-7 tie. For the ACC, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Syracuse, UNC, Virginia, Wake Forest and Boston College won. For the SEC, it was Kentucky, South Carolina, Pitt, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Georgia and Auburn.

We’d prefer the ACC win 14-0, but for the sake of the event, 7-7 is a good start.

Former Clemson coach Rick Barnes returned to the Dean Dome with Tennessee and said that the first half was the worst first half of any game his Tennessee teams had ever coached. UNC racked up a 61-39 half time lead.

Tennessee made a solid comeback in the second half, but it wasn’t enough to overcome UNC’s big lead.

The Tar Heels now have wins over Arkansas and Tennessee and those are big. A lot of their credibility has been restored.

Former Blue Devil Henry Coleman had 16 points and 14 boards against Virginia including a sensational seven offensive rebounds. But the Aggies hit 17 shots and eight of them were by Coleman. That’s an amazing stat.

Interestingly, Blake Buchanan, who did so well earlier, came off the bench and got just six minutes.

Georgia was down 17 but came back to nip the Seminoles as Justin Hill hit a jumper with just 1.5 left on the clock. That’s a lifetime memory. The loss pushes FSU to 4-2.

We were a little surprised that BC beat Vandy so thoroughly. The Eagles never trailed. Quentin Post had 24 points and seven rebounds. He also shot 4-6 from deep. Claudell Harris had 22 and also shot 4-6 from three point range.

Virginia Tech’s defense, particularly in the post, is emerging as a theme. Johni Broome shot 11-19 for 30 points and he also grabbed 15 rebounds.

Nothing wrong with Auburn’s defense: three starters whiffed from the floor. Incidentally, UNC transfer Tom Nickel started. He was one of the whiffers.

For an intersting bon bon, Louisville, not in the Challenge, beat Bellarmine to move to 4-3, which matches their win total of last year. It ain’t perfect, but it’s an improvement.