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ACC Roundup - Walter “Sweet D” Davis Passes Away

One of the better players to pass through the ACC

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Phoenix Suns v Washington Bullets
Former UNC star Walter Davis as a Phoenix Sun

Sad news Thursday as former UNC star Walter “Sweet D” Davis passed away. He was 69.

Davis had an outstanding career at UNC and later in the NBA, where Phoenix retired his number.

Around here he’s remembered for hitting a long shot to put the classic 1974 UNC win over Duke in overtime. That was the famous (or infamous for Duke fans) 8 points in 16 seconds comeback.

Most players in intense rivalries are forgiven when they move on. Duke fans probably don’t feel as strongly about Tyler Hansbrough as they once did. UNC fans are probably fine with Grant Hill.

Christian Laettner is the big exception here, obviously, but for the most part, once it’s over, it’s over.

Davis was just 69. No cause of death has been offered but it is said to be from natural causes. If you didn't know it, current UNC coach Hubert Davis is his nephew.

Speaking of Hansbrough, here’s a conversation he had with fellow former Heel Theo Pinson where they both agreed that they hated NC State more than they hated Duke. Now pushing 40, he now bears a strong resemblance to this legend.

We’re not saying it’s true - how would we know - but this is an interesting rumor from Louisville. You have to feel a bit sorry for Kenny Payne. He just can’t catch a break.

Planet Pitt seems pretty excited about freshman Carlton Carrington’s debut. Can he live up to it?

Damon Stoudamire could turn out to be a great hire by Georgia Tech but at least one element of his past is pretty inexplicable.