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Kon Knueppel Interview

This is pretty interesting to say the least.

Syndication: Journal Sentinel
Wisconsin Lutheran guard Kon Knueppel (33) fouls Onalaska guard T.J. Stuttley (5) in the Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook Shootout on Thursday December 29, 2022, at Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin. 6shootout
Dave Kallmann / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

We haven't had a chance to listen to the whole podcast yet, but Duke commit Kon Knueppel went on the Over and Back podcast to talk about his commitment to the Blue Devils.

First things first: apparently he goes by Kon II or K2 and says anyone who calls him Kon just shows they don’t really know him.

Maybe we should call him King Kon?

Just musing here...

We also learn here that his mother is the all-time leading scorer at Wisconsin-Green Bay and will have her jersey retired this winter. His dad played at Wisconsin Lutheran, where he was at one point the all-time leading scorer. His uncle Klay coaches there now. And uncle Jeff Norgaard played at Green Bay and also has had his number retired there. It’d be tough to prove this, but we’re guessing they might be the only brother/sister to have their jerseys retired at the same school and there can’t be too many others who have them retired at separate schools either. Reggie and Cheryl Miller? Okay, but there can’t be too many others.

Clearly it’s a basketball family. And Kon II has four more brothers behind him, so there may be more Kneuppels on the way. We haven’t seen the names spelled out but they all start with a hard K sound too (Kager, Kinson, Kash, Kidman) and they all play basketball. Kager is class of 2027 and he’s already 6-4.

His uncle Tod, who left Green Bay (this guy’s really from a basketball family) for Toledo, was his first collegiate offer, but he obviously decided not to be a Rocket.

He comes across as a reserved and private but highly focused kid. We’re looking forward to seeing what he does here.