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YouTube Gold: Playing Music For Elephants

This guy has a wonderful passion

Music - Pop - Frank Ifield - Blackpool
Tanya the baby elephant tries to play the piano, much to the amusement of Australian singer Frank Ifield and Liverpool comedian Jimmy Tarbuck. All are appearing in the show “Holiday Startime” at the ABC Theatre, Blackpool, Lancashire.
Photo by PA Images via Getty Images

As artificial intelligence advances, one of the goals soon is to establish two-way communication with animals. AI obviously allows a much faster analysis of patterns than people could hope to achieve.

People have long wondered what goes on in the minds of animals. What do dolphins and whales think? Why do they sometimes look out for humans who are in danger in the water?

And then there are elephants.

Elephants are very social animals with deep ties to one another. They are also deeply intelligent and soulful. People have long been affected by elephants in profound ways even as others have mistreated them. We seem to have a lot in common.

In this video - there’s a series of them actually - the pianist sets up in an elephant sanctuary and plays Beethoven for a bull elephant named Chaichana, and Chaichana really seems to enjoy it.

Perhaps in the future, if AI delivers, the elephants can make a request of the musician.