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ACC Roundup - Poor Brevin Galloway

What a frightening experience

CLEMSON, SC - DECEMBER 30: Clemson Tigers guard Brevin Galloway (11) during a college basketball game between the N.C. State Wolfpack and the Clemson Tigers on December 30, 2022, at Littlejohn Coliseum in Clemson, S.C.
Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Before we get to Saturday’s ACC Action, a couple of things to mention.

First, Louisville got some good news when highly regarded JUCO Koron Davis committed to the Cardinals. A 6-7 guard from LA Southwest - we guess that’s Louisiana - he averages 25.3 ppg, 7.2 boards and 3.3 assists. He’ll be a major asset for Louisville.

And the second story is, uh, a bit nuts.

Clemson’s Brevin Galloway had a workout Thursday, went back to his room to take a nap...and woke up to - well, as he put it - “[t]his morning, I went to lift, I came back, I took a nap, I woke up from my nap — my balls and my nut sack were exploded!”

Turns out he had a condition called testicular torsion. In a nutshell - see what we did there? - the blood flow is reduced resulting in intense pain and swelling.

He had emergency surgery and is going to be fine.

Okay, on to Saturday’s ACC Action. It’s a busy day with Boston College hitting the JPJ to take on Virginia, Louisville traveling to Notre Dame for a winnable game, NC State going over to Winston to take on the Deacs, Miami going to Pittsburgh for a surprisingly big game, at least by historical standards, Clemson at Florida State and Syracuse flying down to Blacksburg to challenge the Hokies.

Let’s start by going back to the Tigers. Clemson is in real trouble with its three top guards all possibly out (Chase Hunter has an ankle issue and Alex Hemenway has been dealing with plantar fasciitis since December). No matter what happens, they’re not going to be 100 percent. It’s a tough break for Brad Brownell and company. Florida State has been pretty bad though so they might still pull it off. We wouldn’t bet against them at this point.

We admire what BC has done so far and the guts they have, but they can’t shoot outside and Virginia won’t let them shoot inside. That would be a massive upset.

We could see Louisville winning at Notre Dame. First, the Irish have a very, very thin bench so they have been wearing down. However, the Cardinals have not been mentally strong. So who knows? It’s a home game and Notre Dame has immense experience. So we’d lean towards them.

State at Wake Forest is interesting. We’d take Wake only because they usually give State a tough game. State’s defense has been just brutal though. Should be a great game.

Speaking of State, do you think Wolfpack fans will be seeing red over this?

Syracuse at Virginia Tech is really interesting. We’ve said a lot about the decline at Syracuse and it’s really undeniable. But Jim Boeheim has been doing this his whole life and he’s got a vast body of knowledge to draw on.

Virginia Tech has struggled mightily, the Duke win aside, and is still erratic. Three point shooting, meet 2-3 zone. The Hokies will have to defend Syracuse’s perimeter but if they can control it, they should win. That’s a well-coached and talented team and it should start to rally. Actually it probably already has.

Finally, Miami’s visit to Pitt is very interesting. So far Miami is clearly better but Pitt is experienced, well-coached and dangerous. The trick with Miami is the perimeter. Isaiah Wong, Nijel Pack, Wooga Poplar and Jordan Miller are all major pains in the butt. But then you have to deal with Norchad Omier. He’s small for a post player but he’s powerful and smart and Pitt doesn’t really have an answer for him. They have a lot of young height in Federiko Federiko and Guillermo Diaz Graham and his twin Jorge, but they’re all really thin.

From where we sit, Omier should be the difference.

On the other hand, if Pitt goes nuts from three point range (they hit 18 against Wake Forest last time out and Blake Hinson hit eight himself).

Don’t count on that though. You don’t usually get two games like that in a row.

If Clemson can’t hold on at Florida State after the guard injuries, assuming Virginia wins, the Cavs will move into a tie for first place. Stop us if you’ve heard this before. Miami and Pitt are both 7-3 - so is UNC - so that game has some consequences.

And Wake, State and Syracuse are all 6-4 so that will change too.

ACC Standings

Saturday’s ACC Action

  • Boston College vs. Virginia || 12:00 PM || ACCNX
  • Louisville vs. Notre Dame || 12:00 PM || ESPN2
  • NC State vs. Wake Forest || 1:00 PM || ACCN
  • Duke vs. Georgia Tech || 3:00 PM || ACCN
  • Miami vs. Pitt || 4:00 PM || ESPNU
  • Clemson vs. Florida State || 5:00 PM ||
  • Syracuse vs. Virginia Tech || 7:00 PM || ACCN