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YouTube Gold: Bill Russell Dominates The Cincinnati Royals

Truly an amazing bit of film here

Bill Russell...
 BOSTON - JUNE 23: Bill Russell grabs the rebound against the Los Angeles Lakers
Photo by Danny Goshtigian/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The late Bill Russell was an unbelievably dominant player: he led San Francisco to 55 straight wins and two national championships, and in 13 years in the NBA, he won every playoff series he played in except for one.

We’ve linked to Russell videos before but this one is pretty spectacular. It’s from the 1966 NBA Eastern Conference Finals against Oscar Robertson and the Cincinnati Royals.

Russell is everywhere: he blocks shots of course, but he also changes a number as well. He rebounds - the man had 31 boards and 11 assists.

He directs traffic, showing where the ball should go.

But what you don’t always see on grainy old video is really in evidence here: Russell is tremendously athletic. He makes plays that are almost shocking. He comes out of nowhere to get a block or rebound and he moves downcourt - just moves.

The man was a brilliant talent.

Robertson is #14 for Cincinnati, by the way.