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DBR Bites #1 - How To Weather The Hurricanes

We preview Saturday’s big game for the Blue Devils.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a big game in Cameron on Saturday, so on this first full DBR Bites episode, Donald is here to help you preview Duke’s game against the Miami Hurricanes.

The Canes come in with a lot of momentum, but Donald breaks them down to the core. After talking about their record and key victories, he gets into what makes them flow on offense and how they try to contain you on defense. We discuss some of the players that you need to watch out for and what they can do on the offensive end. This team is one of the most efficient teams in the country on offense, so Duke will have its hands full trying to contain them.

Duke also has some keys to victory, and we discuss that as we prepare for an important game. Bring the noise, Cameron!

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