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DBR Podcast #479: Looking For The Positives In The Loss in Littlejohn

Duke loses, but there are some positive takeaways.

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The Duke Blue Devils suffered a 72-64 loss to the Clemson Tigers yesterday at Littlejohn Coliseum. However, while the Blue Devils lost, there were certainly a lot of positive things that one could take away, and we discuss them on Episode 479.

It’s Jason Evans’ birthday, so we seek to make this episode fun in his honor. Jason was also at the game, so he gives his his firsthand account of what it was like to be in the building for this one. We focus on some good performances by Kyle Filipowski and Tyrese Proctor as well as Dereck Lively starting to come along. For a loss, we spend a lot of time on the good, as Duke showed some fight in staying in the ballgame.

After the break, we shift to what went wrong, namely the shooting. Jason gives us a soundbite from the postgame press conference where Jon Scheyer is candid about what comes next for Duke as well as his belief that a couple players are ready to break out. We also have brief discussions on whether Jaden Schutt could have helped off the bench as well as the notion by some fans that Scheyer’s calm persona means he doesn’t have any fire.

The DBR Podcast will be back early this week to explain a new podcast format that we think will be great for you all as listeners. The idea will be releasing more episodes that can provide more timely content that will keep you entertained throughout the week. Look out for that explainer episode in the coming days!