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Duke Legend Al Buehler Passes Away

What a remarkable life he led

Duke University Campus
Duke Chapel, which Al Buehler passed by on a regular basis

We feel bad for not having talked about Al Buehler’s passing before now.

Buehler was a Duke legend on par with Mike Krzyzewski and Wallace Wade. He was a brilliant track and field coach who had massive accomplishments in the sport. In the 1970’s and ‘80s, Durham, partly because of Buehler and St. Augustine’s track and field coach George Williams, came close to emerging as the nation’s track and field capital (it ended up being Oregon, in no small measure because of the emergence of Nike).

Buehler was at Duke in various capacities from 1955 to 2016. There are a certain class of people who dedicate themselves to the university and who truly love it and find a home here. Buehler and Krzyzewski are two, but that would also include Eddie Cameron and Bucky Waters, who despite his rocky time as basketball coach, found a home at Duke.

Buehler will be greatly missed but he leaves behind a legacy that very few can come close to. Godspeed.