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YouTube Gold: Great Trick Plays

Pass the popcorn. These are a lot of fun to watch.

Phoenix Suns v New York Knicks
Grant Hill with the Phoenix Suns

Basketball has become a sleek game of supremely talented and highly athletic players moving up and down the court and leveraging the smallest advantages to win.

Unless it’s not.

This video is full of some classic trick plays. The first one is a guy who tricks everyone on the jump ball and gets them going the wrong way - and then gets the easiest basket in the history of the game.

That one reminds us of a play that happened at Duke. Mark Crow was taking the ball out and checked it to the guy guarding him. The guy handed it back to him: instant turnover.

But quite funny.

Three barking dogs, two random bounces off of player bodies for baskets, one fake injury and one guy who left the court apparently for a faux trip to the bathroom only to come back in at the corner to get an easy shot.

And, best of all for Duke fans, Grant Hill pulling the ol’ fake timeout and drive play as a Phoenix Sun.

There’s more. Enjoy.