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YouTube Gold: Tyrese Proctor On Coming To Duke

As Duke’s recent Australian tradition continues

Tyrese Proctor Top of Australia goes for a lay-up during a semifinal match between Australia and New Zealand of the FIBA Asia Cup 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia, July 23, 2022.
Photo by Zulkarnain/Xinhua via Getty Images

Tyrese Proctor comes from the other side of the world: Sidney is 9,620 miles from Durham. Despite that, he did manage to see Duke a fair amount and formed a positive impression. He says The Brotherhood is known worldwide, just as Duke Basketball is.

In this clip from Duke’s Media Day, he talks about finding games and taping them to watch with his dad, Walter “Dinky” Proctor, who played for NC State during the Valvano era Injuries derailed his career, but in his day, Dinky was immensely promising.

Tyrese also talks about forming a bond with Jon Scheyer because he was honest and pulls up there. You kind of got the feeling he was thinking about some coaches that he didn’t much respect and wow, would he have liked to have heard that. But not a good idea for the young Aussie.

He also talks a bit about getting to know Jeremy Roach and how helpful he has been.

Maybe it’s just us, but does his accent sound different than former Blue Devil and fellow Aussie Jack White? They grew up about 10 hours apart so presumably there are differences in those regional accents.