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Jared McClain’s Latest Endorsement Deal

The future. Blue Devil is doing quite well with NIL

North Carolina v Duke
DURHAM, NC - MARCH 05: Cameron Crazies and fans of the Duke Blue Devils pose for a photo with the Duke mascot prior to the game against North Carolina Tar Heels at Cameron Indoor Stadium on March 5, 2022 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

NIL continues to change things in college sports.

Well, not just college, high school in many states. And as far as Duke goes, that means lots of opportunities for basketball and social media star Jared McCain.

Already making a ton of money off of social media, notably TikTok, McCain is building an impressive revenue stream off of endorsements.

His latest: a commercial he cut, along with Philly QB Jalen Hurt, for Champs. This is on top of deals he has with Lemon Perfect and Crocs.

He talks here about seeing posters when he was a kid growing up, which is funny since he is still a kid growing up, but we get what he means. It’s bound to be exciting. It’s going to be fascinating to watch guys like McClain negotiate everything. Then again, plenty of young people have managed similar situations in show business one way or another. People will figure it out.