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YouTube Gold: High Level - And Sometimes Dangerous - NBA Trash Talking

Some of this is great stuff. Some? People were lucky to survive.

Seattle Supersonic Gary Payton (C) argues a foul c
 SEATTLE, UNITED STATES: Seattle Supersonic Gary Payton (C) argues a foul call as Utah Jazz’ Karl Malone (L) watches during their game in Seattle 30 March. Payton’s arguing led to a technical foul. 
Photo credit should read DAN LEVINE/AFP via Getty Images

Trash talking is a glorious NBA tradition and some of the best were Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett and Reggie Miller.

Most of them, though, were either cautious or smart enough to not take it too far.

That’s not true for everyone though.

At times, it can get ugly out there.

Take what Kevin Garnett said in this video (warning - NSFW) for example. Scottie Pippen got to Karl Malone (‘the mail man doesn’t deliver on Sunday’s”).

Miller was a great trash talker but probably shouldn’t have tried it to Michael Jordan because that was only an incentive for the insanely competitive Jordan.

Jordan goes after Muggsy Bogues in this video too in a brutal way.

Gary Payton was the king of taking it too far though, talking trash to his teammates to the point where death threats occurred - with guns in the locker room.

Agent Zero, eat your heart out.