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YouTube Gold: Bobby Hurley’s Duke Highlights

The little guy with the biggest heart

Duke University vs Seton Hall University, 1992 NCAA East Regional Semifinals
 College Basketball: NCAA Playoffs: Duke Bobby Hurley (11) in action vs Seton Hall Danny Hurley (15) at The Spectrum. Bobby and Danny are brothers. Philadelphia, PA 3/26/1992
Set Number: X42666 TK1 R2 F19

When Bobby Hurley came to Duke, he had some natural rivals. Kenny Anderson, who was in his class, was at Georgia Tech. Chris Corchiani was at NC State. Charlie Ward was quarterbacking the football and basketball teams for Florida State and King Rice tormented him for a time at UNC.

Ultimately, Hurley surpassed them all.

He was ferociously competitive and daring. He had many great plays at Duke, including the famous three pointer against UNLV and the almost too high alley oop to Grant Hill in the championship game against Kansas.

The greatest play we ever saw came in a holiday game when it didn’t much matter: he chased a loose ball into the stands at Cameron, jumped, caught it and turned - and hit a teammate streaking to the basket.

Sadly and through no fault of his own, Hurley was involved in a terrifying accident in his rookie season with the Sacramento Kings. It nearly took his life and cost him his NBA career.

When he was healthy though, there was no one quite like him. He was a superb point guard and still holds the NCAA record for assists. He graduated in 1993, so that’s a record that’s stood for nearly 30 years.