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Doug Collins On The Most Touching Gift He Ever Got

A great father and son story

USA vs Soviet Union, 1972 Summer Olympics
Doug Collins in action in the 1972 Olympic basketball finals

A lot of us either saw the 1972 Olympic basketball disgrace or learned about it later. For anyone who doesn't know, Doug Collins hit two free throws with just seconds left despite having taken a tremendous hit from a Soviet defender.

After that, the USSR team got three chances at the last play, scoring on the final inbounds to win 51-50.

The US didn’t accept the silver medals and they are in a Swiss bank vault to this day in case anyone changes their mind. No one ever has.

Anyway, Doug’s son Chris, who played for Mike Krzyzewski at Duke and assisted Coach K with the 2008 Olympic team and of course the US won.

When his father was inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame as a broadcaster, Chris took the occasion to give his father his gold medal.

It’s a moving story all the way around. Both Collinses are very emotional people and you can feel the pride Doug takes in his son and his wonder at such a gift. It’s a really heartwarming story.