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YouTube Gold: Rod Sellers vs. Christian Laettner

One of the uglier plays of the Laettner era

Duke Christian Laettner, 1991 NCAA Playoffs
UNITED STATES - MARCH 22: College Basketball: NCAA playoffs, Duke Christian Laettner (32) in action, taking layup vs UConn, Pontiac, MI 3/22/1991
SetNumber: X41177

Duke and UConn rose more or less at the same time under Mike Krzyzewski and Jim Calhoun and they had some amazing games in the NCAA tournament.

Duke won in 1990 and 1991 with Christian Laettner at the center of attention both times.

In 1990, Duke won at the buzzer on a play called Special where Laettner threw the ball in and then immediately got it back.

The 1991 game was quite different with Duke winning fairly easily. Laettner’s reputation for being arrogant and annoying, fair or not, had not yet become widespread.

Someone forgot to tell UConn’s Rod Sellers.

Late in the second half, Laettner went to the floor after knocking the ball loose. Sellers landed on him, elbowed him in the face and slammed his head on the floor twice.

Later he fouled out after taunting Laettner.

Sellers apologized and said that Laettner had previously elbowed him in the face, an assertion Calhoun supported.