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YouTube Gold: Vin Scully’s Iconic Call In The 1988 World Series

This was one of the great plays in World Series history and Scully called it perfectly.

Broadcaster Vin Scully Portrait Session
 LOS ANGELES, CA - 1987: Voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers radio broadcasts, Vin Scully, poses in the outfield of Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California.
Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Vin Scully, who died on August 2nd, was destined to be a broadcaster.

Born in Brooklyn in 1927, he attended Fordham where he began broadcasting. After serving in World War II, Scully broke in professionally with CBS, where the legendary Red Barber mentored him.

In 1950, Scully was hired by the Dodgers, then in Brooklyn, just three years after Jackie Robinson broke the color line.

When the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958, Scully went west with them and stayed with the team until 2016.

Among his many memorable calls was this one of Kirk Gibson going to bat in Game 1 of the World Series with two injured legs and scoring a home run to put the game away.

It would be impossible to rank people who are masters of their craft. How could you compare Picasso and, say, Usain Bolt? Or either of them and Loretta Lynn?

Still, by any reasonable standard, Scully is one of the finest broadcasters ever to settle in behind a microphone and this was one of his most glorious moments in the booth.