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A Look At The Best NBA Players From Virginia

It thins out a bit after the first one.

Clemson University vs University of Virginia
This was how many teams defended Ralph Sampson when he was at Virginia
Set Number: X26539 TK2

Somewhat like Georgia Tech, it’s a little hard to pick out Virginia’s best NBA players but we’ll give it a shot.

  • Ralph Sampson - well there’s no question here. If his knees had held up he’d have had an amazing NBA career. It was pretty damn good as it was.
  • Malcolm Brogdon - Coach K called it - he said Brogdon was going to be a pro. We’re not sure about this, but he might be the only second round pick to be Rookie of The Year.
  • Bryant Stith - Just a solid, smart player. We loved him.
  • Olden Polynice - He was a very solid player at Virginia and had a good if not spectacular NBA career. In his prime he could have helped any team.
  • De’Andre Hunter - It might be a little soon to nominate a guy who was best known for being the victim of Zion Williamson’s most astounding block but he’s emerging as a guy who is highly desirable. It’s still early but he’s going to be good.