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A Look At The Best NBA Players From Georgia Tech

Cleveland Cavaliers v Washington Bullets
 LANDOVER, MD - FEBRUARY 03: Mark Price #25 of the Cleveland Cavaliers dribbles the ball during a basketball game against the Washington Bullets at the Capital Centre on February 3, 1988 in Landover , Maryland.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Georgia Tech’s basketball history is kind of funny because while there have been some tremendous players, they didn’t all live up to expectations in the NBA. So how do you measure them? It’s a bit of a challenge. But here’s our Top Five.

  • John Salley - At his best, Salley could match up with most bigs in the league. He was tough and reliable and probably underrated.
  • Dennis Scott - At Tech, he was overweight for a while and a Duke kid put a candy bar on the court and challenged Scott to hit a really deep shot, which he did. And then he ate the candy bar, minutes before game time. Can you say irresistible? And when he lost weight, he emerged as a really, really good NBA player.
  • Chris Bosh - He was great with the Olympic team and was riding high with Miami, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade before a blood clotting condition ended his career.
  • Kenny Anderson - When he was recruited to Tech, Anderson said he “didn’t want to be another horse in Dean Smith’s stable,” which won him a ton of fans. He had a very good NBA career, but didn't really live up to expectations, which is fine. They were impossibly high anyway.
  • Mark Price - unquestionably the best player to come out of Tech, he was only a second round pick. Just six feet tall, he was one of the best shooters in NBA history. The coolest thing about his career is that he was constantly expected to fail or to be too small or too slow or something. He was never supposed to be great. But, undeniably, he was.