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YouTube Gold: Steve Kerr

University of Arizona vs University of Michigan, 1987 Great Alaska Shootout
 College Basketball: Great Alaska Shootout: Arizona Steve Kerr (25) in action vs Michigan at Sullivan Arena. Anchorage, AK 11/28/1987 
Set Number: X35826

Everyone knows Steve Kerr as the highly successful coach of the Golden State Warriors, but before that, he had a solid career in the NBA, peaking with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, where he helped Da Bulls win three titles. But he was also solid for several other teams, including the San Antonio Spurs, where he won another championship.

Not bad for the 50th pick.

Before that he was an outstanding guard at Arizona where he had a truly remarkable career. Kerr only had one offer coming out of high school - from Lute Olson’s Wildcats - and that one because Olson, who was new at UA, desperately needed players.

Kerr turned out to be a savant.

Aside from his calling card, three point shooting, Kerr had a knack for hanging on to the ball and not making mistakes. He was unbelievably good.

He helped Olson build Arizona from 11-17 in their first season to 35-3 when he left.

He has always been underrated as a player but his combination of nerve and intelligence made him a 2nd Team All-American and a feared NBA shooter.